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Widest Coverage​

Unifi's new 2022 Broadband Fiberization campaign is bringing fibre internet coverage to the entire Malaysia! Over 2,000,000 Malaysian households with Unifi.

Up to 800Mbps

One of the fastest fibre plans in Malaysia and it is offered by TM Unifi. Comes with unlimited data usage and it also comes with free calls to all mobile and fixed lines in Malaysia.

Unlimited Usage

TM offers unlimited data usage with the unifi home fibre plan, so you can stream HD videos, download large files and play online games without any lag or restrictions.

Our Packages?


RM 89 /month
Unlimited data usage for an affordable price. Suitable for light usage such as individual social media, work or studies.


RM 129 /month

Our best value-for-money Unifi package. Enjoy 100Mbps high speed fibre internet for a very affordable rate.


RM 199 /month

Recommended plan for family use all at the same time. For streaming, gaming and work.  Comes with FREE Unifi TV Box!


RM 249 /month

Perfect for low latency gaming and streaming 4K videos on TV. Comes with FREE Wi-Fi 6 Mesh devices and Unifi TV Box!


RM 349 /month

All the way up! The best home fibre plan Unifi has to offer offering speeds of 800Mbps. Comes with FREE Unifi TV Box and FREE Wi-Fi 6 mesh devices!

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